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The 7th BEYOND Festival will take place from 3 to 7 October 2018 in Karlsruhe. It is dedicated to the theme of "Future Design" and is a festival of films, audiovisual installations and at the same time a symposium that exhibits various art formats and media, such as 2D, 3D, virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The festival is open to all art formats, sculpture, projection mapping, photography abd installations. A selection committee selects the works for the competition. The selection process is not public and there is no legal right to participate in the festival. A successful registration does not automatically mean the submission to the festival program. Each applicant will be informed in writing about the result of the selection. Only officially invited artworks can participate in the BEYOND Festival. The invitation to participate is made by the festival director or section head.

To submit a work of art for the BEYOND festival, you must submit the art-concept and the completed application form to the festival within the registration deadline.

The deadline for entries is July 31, 2018.

In case you want to submit Art after the deadline, please contact us:


BEYOND only accepts the registration of a project if the applicant is the owner of all rights of use at the factory. BEYOND reserves the right to request a corresponding proof of rights and, in the absence, to reject the application. The artists assure the organizers that all image and sound rights lie with the artist. Furthermore, BEYOND reserves the right to save a digital copy of each participating art work (photo / video recordings) in its internal archive and to use it in future as part of the BEYOND festival. The artists allow the organizers of Beyond-Festival to use illustrations of works of art as part of the exhibition. This includes publications, press relations, advertisements and the posting of images on the Internet (websites of BEYOND-Festival and other internet portals).

The BEYOND Festival does not require a processing fee. All transportation costs, including customs clearance and the insurance of the submitted media, are at the expense of the applicant or his authorized representative. All shipments must be sent prepaid. In the case of transport by international courier companies, it must be clearly indicated on the bill of lading that the costs of customs clearance and taxes are borne by the sender. Deviations from this rule are only possible in justified individual cases and after personal consultation with the festival management. No liability is assumed for the submitted material.

Participation in the Festival implies unconditional recognition of all provisions in this Policy. Producers, distributors or other persons or organizations registering for a work of art must make sure that third parties involved in the production are in agreement with their participation in the festival. The participant exempts BEYOND from all claims of third parties, in particular third party authors, which should be charged against BEYOND.

All selected works will be included in the program. No project may be withdrawn from the program of the festival after its participation has been published.

The artist agrees to the terms and conditions of the festival by registering.

Presence in Karlsruhe

The BEYOND Festival expects the artists of the participating works to attend the presentation in Karlsruhe. Basically, no travel expenses can be assumed. On the other hand, a certain number of overnight stays can be provided, upon agreement, by the Festival.

Festival version of a work of art to be exhibited

The final festival version of the artwork must be in accordance with the technical format specifications announced by the participant in the participation form and must be received by us in due time. Two days before the beginning of the festival, all works of art and installations must be ready for use.

Conditions of participation

Participating in the festival with a work of art means that all the rules of the festival have been read and approved.

Prizes and Awards

Best Film Award
Every year the BEYOND festival presents different film genres and media. The award recognises films that address the past, present and the modern way of life, whilst simultaneously drawing attention to the future as a bearer of hope.

Best Art Award
Light and sound art, photography, painting, installations, VR and 3D – art has many facets and offers numerous possibilities to stage and depict them. The award recognises the most innovative artistic representation.

Best Leading Thought Award
A thought, a theory, a concept – this is necessary to initiate a change and redesign the future. The winner is the person who presents a promising approach to shaping the future in a positive way.

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