Retrospective: Artificial Intelligence

Science Fiction Retrospective - A future that has already begun

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Unlike computer programs, which simulate the course scenarios of future crises from the current database, "Future Design" starts from desirable visions of the future and tries to "recalculate" them to our current situation. Against this background, we are presenting a retrospective of science fiction classics that have presented visions of technical innovation since the 1960s. These films have long been part of our popular cultural canons and have shaped technological development as well as our relationship to new technologies, their potentials and dangers.

Blade Runner (OmU, 1982) – Thursday, 04.10. at 16:30

We write the year 2019: Four genetically engineered people, so-called "replicants", are rehearsing the uprising. They agreed to extend their four-year term of life. Her bad luck that Blade Runner Deckard (Harrison Ford) is on her. He is a hardened pro when it comes to tracking down and destroying replicants. In the rainy Los Angeles of the future, he goes hunting.

„Her“ (OmU) – Thursday, 04.10.18 at 16:30

"Her" is set to play in Los Angeles in the near future: The highly sensitive Theodore thrives on writing touching personal letters for other people. His failed long-term relationship has broken his heart – the more open-minded he reacts to his new operating system, which is touted as an intuitive, independent personality. When Theodore launches the system, he lets himself be charmed by "Samantha's" friendly voice, because she comes to him with great understanding, sensitivity and amazing humor. Samantha's and Theodore's needs and desires complement each other, continue to develop, their friendship becomes more intense - until finally they fall in love.

„Ghost in the Shell“ (OmU, 2017) – Friday, 05.10.18 at 16:30

In the near future, people have replaced most of their body parts with artificial elements and become cyborgs. In human tissue often remains only a part of the brain in which their personality is located. These "ghost" cells are the most important element in the artificial shell, the "shell". When the "Laughing Man" terrorist manages to invade these ghosts and manipulate them so that the cyborgs commit crimes for him, the government sends Action Force Section 9 into battle, led by a cyborg.

„Terminator - Judgment Day“ (OmU) – Friday, 05.10.18 at 16:30

After the first attempt to kill the 1985-born leader of the resistance in the past has failed, the cyborgs of the year 2029 made a second attempt to eliminate John Connors young version. This time it's supposed to be the T-1000 terminator. But the Terminator is not alone, because the original model 101 from the T-800 series was programmed in the future to protect Connor. Together with John's mother Sarah, he does his best to keep the boy alive. It begins a merciless hunt for the fate of a child and the survival of humanity ...

„2001: A Space Odyssey“ (OmU) – Sunday, 07.10.18 at 20:00

Stanley Kubrick's outstanding, Oscar-winning masterpiece is a rousing drama of Man Against Machine, an overwhelming blend of music and image. First, Kubrick (who co-wrote the script with Arthur C. Clarke) begins in his prehistoric past and then (with one of the most intriguing cuts in film history) jumps into human-populated space for many millennia where astronaut Bowman (Keir Dullea) into the unexplored parts of the universe, maybe even into immortality. "Open the floodgate, HAL". Let us accompany him on an awesome journey.

„Lucy“ (OmU, 2014) – Sunday, 07.10.18 at 20:00

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is forcibly engaged in a dangerous trade and forced to use her body as a depot for a delicate commodity. As she defies one of the kidnappers, the mysterious drugs enter her bloodstream and make Lucy mutate into a merciless lone fighter with superhuman powers.