Diego González-Zúñiga

Diego González-Zúñiga (diekus) is a Senior Web Developer Advocate at Samsung Electronics in the UK. Born and raised in Costa Rica, he became an engineer in the Costa Rican Institute of Technology, where he later also finished a master degree in Information Systems. He continued his studies in Barcelona with a master degree in Multimedia from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He recently completed his doctoral studies in Informatics researching Stereoscopic Graphical User Interfaces in the same institution. Among, his main interests are the use of stereoscopic depth in applications, Virtual Reality on the web, creative uses of technology, electronic gadgets. You can find more information about the team he works with at https://medium.com/samsung-internet-dev, and about his projects at http://diekus.net.


"Enter Immersive Web"
Immersive applications are among the most engaging experiences that exist. But their reliance on specific platforms limit and weaken them to a small set of HW/SW configurations. The Web provides a scalable and progressive way of dealing with this, and in this talk you’ll learn some recommendations to target as many devices as possible, by using Web APIs and progressive enhancement principles.