Felix Gaedtke

Felix Gaedtke is co-founder of NowHere Media – a Berlin-based immersive storytelling studio. He has a background in documentaries and multimedia journalism. He mainly focuses on human rights, social and environmental issues. Felix has covered underreported issues from over 30 countries from the war in Syria to documenting human-wildlife conflict surrounding snow leopards in the Himalayas.

He just returned from the Venice Film Festival were he premiered ‘Home After War’ the volumetric VR documentary about the dangers of IEDs and landmines in Iraq. Back in Berlin he is merging the concepts of constructive journalism and VR storytelling.


Using VR to document stories of war

Co-creator of ‘Home After War,’ Felix Gaedtke shares the challenges of using the VR to tell an intimate story of a humanitarian crisis in Iraq. Crafted using photogrammetry and stereo capture, the room scale installation takes you to the home of an Iraqi father, who tells you about the loss of his sons to an improvised explosive device (IED) left from the war. Using VR allows for a unique perspective to experience a place and it people, which is especially interesting in the realm of documentaries.