Florian Dohmann

Florian Dohmann is founder and managing director of Birds on Mars, a Berlin-based company that enables organizations to develop strategies, spaces, teams and applications at the connections of artificial and human intelligence. Florian is an expert for data, artificial intelligence & digital transformation, technologist & artist from Berlin. Across industries he guides and enables companies to build up sustainable data and AI capabilities. He is a Data Science professional, IBM disciple, keynote speaker, guest lecturer at various universities and partner in the Berlin entrepreneur network katapult:now. He is part of the art collective YQP NYC/Berlin. In their artistic work, they explore the human value in our digital world and merge technology with interactive storytelling.

URL: www.floriandohmann.com
Twitter: @floriandohmann


Unfinished - the first artificial muse in the world of art

The painter Roman Lipski, the artist collective YQP and the company Birds on Mars present the birth of an artificial muse: An AI system that inspires, provokes, and challenges a painter through the mechanisms of science and technology. It is the first true partnership between a painter and artificial intelligence.

Over the course of two years, machine and painter were in a constant intellectual dialogue. The machine’s impact on the artist is inevitable. Through the course of the project, Roman Lipski’s artistic language has fully transformed and has left him perpetually exploring uncharted ways to express himself. It has become a machine in search of diversity, inspiration, and transformation.

Like the invention of the camera helped artists to explore new perspectives, artificial intelligence can ultimately introduce a new art with endless possibilities. The constant interaction between Lipski and his digital muse not only creates a new creative language, but also a new artist. The "Inspirational AI" - in contrast to „creative AI" - reflects the future cooperation between man and machine.

Roman Lipski and Florian Dohmann (YQP + Birds on Mars) present the idea of an AI-muse, which can not only be used artistically, but also finds its way into other creative business areas. What if we could redefine how we collaborate, communicate and co-create with intelligent services and devices?

An accompanying exhibition of selected paintings resulting from the dialogue between artist and AI visualizes the core of the conceptual art, which is based on infinite inspiration.

Short teaser video about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frMCM5q1-N8