Cyril Tuschi

Cyril Tuschi is a prize-winning filmmaker-turned-VR-enthusiast and entrepreneur.
Cyril started his career by directing music-videos and commercials and then turning to fiction-film. For his Kafka-adaption „Nightland“ he won the New York-Filmacadmey-prize in the Panorama program of the Berlinale, as well as the audience-award at the filmfestival of German film in Mannheim for the roadmovie „Sommer Hunde Söhne“.
Cyril is a stern defender of social VR and with his Company You-VR he is now fully immersed in creating a unique VR-content-ecosystem called VONDERLAND - to build a bridge between classical film and multi-sensory and multi-person VR-experiences. VONDERLAND will include eye-tracking, hand-tracking, a scent-generator, realtime-engine controlled wind, heat, moving walls and hydraulic floors.

Since Cyrils background is feature-film, he focuses on extending classical great film-adventures into the VR-world, by co-developing VR-experiences with filmstudios, in order to create PR-synergies for filmreleases, as well, as contributing wonderful and cinematic moments in VR multi-player environments.


Artistic and artificial intelligence

In the course of the acceleration of AI and Robotics,
70% of all jobs world wide will be either eliminated or profoundly changed. This revolution will leave the majority of our population in disarray, robbed of the chance to make sense in life. In this disruptive sphere professions like artists, psychologists and philosophers will obtain huge importance, since all those (with hopefully a basic income) people will need to confront themselves with questions like: 
Why am i in this world? What purpose do i have? What can i as an individual, may be able to contribute for the greater good?

Self-reflection, self-doubt and new moral codes might become a necessary toolset of artistic intelligence, to differentiate between AI communication and the rest of the population.

Lets tackle this challenge together!