Yasser Almaamoun

Yasser Almaamoun is a Syrian activist who has worked with the Center for Political Beauty in Berlin as its Press Speaker and Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2014. He communicates the outcomes and debates of the Center’s actions to the media. Almaamoun further participated in actions such as Kindertransporthilfe, Die Toten kommen and the Holocauslt Mahnmal von Höcke. In addition to organizing new actions, he has also been engaged with bridging the gap between the refugee community and German society through his numerous presentations and public discussions since 2014. The second part of Almaamoun’s life is architecture. arrived in Germany in 2013. He managed to work in a Berliner architectural office and became a master’s student at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. He acted as a jury member of an architectural competition concerning Housing for Refugees in 2015 in Finland and in 2016 in Berlin, also contributing in the local berlin project in Charlottenburg „Stadtlabor 2050“ in 2018.


Aggressive Humanism and the wicked system of the world

Through a time trip through the past years explains Yasser Almaamoun the works and actions of the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS). The actions range from copying government websites to promote a humanitarian appeal to save the syrian kids; Kindertransporthilfe 2013. The chain of actions in the following years have approached some changes in the german politics. Raising the debate in the society about migration and refugee issues was the specialty of ZPS. „The dead are coming“ in 2015 enraged a debate about the european borders and the amount of people paying with their lives to overcome its deadly route.

A public call for refugees to throw themselves to tigers, an empty airplane failed to take refugees on board from Turkey to Berlin, and more details involved in the 2016 action „eating-up refugees“. Some backstage details roll out of the hard tackle against the political system and the real face of the welcome policy in Germany.

Recently a miniature copy of the Holocaust Monument in Berlin by Peter Eisenmann in front of the house „Höcke“, a right wing politician (AfD) in central Germany. The consequences of the last action were a series of law suits and threats to ZPS.

A discussion round will follow the presentation to dive more into detail and enrage exciting questions from the audience.