Eleanora Pfanz: „Displaced“

"Displaced" deals with the sea and its original and new inhabitants.
I have noticed in recent years that the diversity of species and the number of aquatic organisms are drastically reduced. Strictly speaking, 31% of fish stocks are overfished, and eatable fish populations in particular have shrunk by 90%. Individual animal groups such as sea turtles, whales and some reef fish are threatened with extinction. As a result of global warming, many fish species migrate towards the poles, causing an additional shift in their equilibrium. But in the Polar Regions an enormous amount of CO2 dissolves and leads to acidification of the sea, which threatens survival in the underwater habitat.
In some places in the ocean, it already appears to be extinct. As if one were in a desert in which one must look for any life. Instead of meeting underwater creatures there is more and more plastic to admire.
“Displaced” consist of three photographs and a video personalising a piece of plastic.