Lauren Moffatt: „Beyond the Rubicon“

Beyond The Rubicon
Beyond the Rubicon uses virtual reality as a stage to ruminate upon the nature of the "virtual" and its relationship with "reality". This walkable VR experience offers a poetic depiction of the distortion, corruption and loss of information in the interchange between physical and virtual. The piece specifically scrutinises the misinterpretations and misconstructions that of images of women that take place during this process.

Lauren Moffatt
Artist Lauren Moffatt works between video, performance and immersive technologies. Her works explore the paradoxical subjectivity of connected bodies and the friction at the frontiers between virtual and physical worlds. Her speculative fictions and environments are conceived using both obsolete and pioneering technologies. Lauren completed her studies at the College of Fine Arts (AU), Université Paris VIII (FR), and at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains. She lives in Berlin.