Natalia Schmidt: „Antipodia“

There is no reason for this truth. And where there is no reason she falls. Only where there is depth, the reason is enduring. And where is this reason? In a place of tomorrow, which lies in the future, directly opposite, without borders... in the pacific….

Antipodia is a conceptual art project designed as a work in progress, which marks a place that actually exists, but which does not bear a name, does not conform to the common notion of a place with solid ground and which lies in the future. This is the antipode to the exhibition site which is located in the Pacific, about 1290 km east of New Zealand in international waters and whose depth is about 5342 m (seabed - water surface). The starting point for this location search is the current (world) political climate, which is increasingly dominated by national, geopolitical thinking. Antipodia opens up an artistic, philosophical discourse, which celebrates just the atopy, the ground and boundlessness, the fluid and its statelessness, as well as the fact that Antipodia lies in the future.