Rayna Teneva & Mustafa Büyükcoşkun: „“

"Expanded Shit"

The generous usage of generic terms has a tendency to become an empty signifier. In a contemporary manner, overconsumption of discursive practices could easily operate as an undercover mechanism, where artistic creativity lacks. An evaporating tool that enables the decoding of the present practices. The gas that fills the object resembles on one hand time, on the other – our incapability to unite and react. The software generated typeface is computing a new calligraphy out of scanned individual handwritings. The flowing gas inside the glass letters is also looking forward to expand, in order to be sublimed but at the same time encountering its limits. Abandoning the metaphorical gesture, the work evokes but also celebrates the direct confrontation with our own incapability. Shit is just an empty signifier, very everyday expression not just as a surplus of the body, but remaining of all everyday and artistic practices.