Lukas Rehm: „Tachy“

Synchronicity, Reaction-Time and Perception Time. Rhetoric means like discontinuous imagery, simple visualizations, CGI with tendencies, pop-ref as used by scholars of neuroscience formed this set. A/V-Sync as a tool at the verge of rhythm or worldly-COHERENCE. ➡ Manifold arguments. ⇦ MOTION EXTRAPOLATION and LATENCY

DIFFERENCE, predictive, extrapolating the trajectory of a moving stimulus into the Future. The visual system processes moving objects more quickly than flashed objects. OrNEITHERbutPOSTDICTIVE. A simple experiment set up in three parts. Delays imposed by different sensory inputs. Incorporating data from a window of time after an event and delivering a retrospective interpretation of what happened. It turns out that we live a total of half a second in the Past.