Ina Conradi/Mark Chavez: „Media Art Nexus“

Crepuscular Rays of the Moon creates myriad abstract and interactive audio-visual chapters of dreamlike fantasies inspired by the moon. The works was commissioned for 2017 edition of Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo (SG:IO). Multimedia art collective Media Art Nexus (MAN for short) was one among 13 Singaporean (SG) and Japanese (JP) leading contemporary creative talents from disciplines performing and visual arts that took part in Inside Out Tokyo (SG:IO). Themed “HyperCity”, the showcase focused on the coming together of creatives from Singapore and Japan in joint exploration of the cultural trends arising from the shifts towards a digital urban age. For this occasion artists Mark Chavez and Ina Conradi collaborated with the Singaporean fashion designer Josiah Chua and his 2018 capsule collection, titled “光”, which is “light” in Japanese. Media Art Nexus c created an interactive projection across large screen of dazzling stars and light that moved with the viewer, all to evoke that specific magic of Sailor Moon’s transformation. The works were also exhibited at the UCLA Art|Sci Center in Los Angeles (2018) and is currently on a permanent display at the Media Art Nexus at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore.