The XR Base Unit: „The Scores of Chaos“

The Scores of Chaos is an immersive experience, commissioned by Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam 2018) as an homage to the musical genius of the contemporary Hungarian composer Ligeti.

His music featured in some of the most iconic scenes in Stanley Kubrick’s work, making this collaboration groundbreaking for the history of the moving image.
Ligeti’s fascination with the world of fractals, chaos and multisensory experience of music, has been the inspiration behind an imaginary trip into the world of his scores. Music becomes an immersive visual landscape, a doorway into the otherworldly beauty of mathematics, of our imagination, and the universe.

Exective producer: Daniel ‘Kip’ Doornink
Fractal artist: Julius Horsthuis
Creative coders: Sander Sneek, Ruud op den Kelder
Creative advisor: Vesna Petresin
Voice-over audio: Whoozy Music
Supported by XMG, Sensiks
All music by György Ligeti performed by Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Cappella Amsterdam.